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About Our Pest Control Company

Suburban Exterminating is the leading provider of pest control and insect removal services on Long Island. With over 50 years of experience, Suburban Exterminating excels in service! Our dedicated staff of trained technicians services Long Island homes and businesses east of the Meadowbrook Parkway to Montauk.

At our children’s library program, Suburban Exterminating educates children about insects and other creatures. If you’d like to join us for the fun, look for our next event on Facebook.

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Green Shield Certified

Green Shield Certification requires a home pest control company to pass a rigorous evaluation conducted by the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Institute of North America. Suburban Exterminating earned the Green Shield Certification for their Suburban Green Program. We are proud to be the eighth pest control company in the United States to earn the distinction. Being Green Shield Certified is a sign that we manage pests with a minimum of pesticides.

Suburban Exterminating has its focus on customer service, training, professionalism, and environmental concerns. Technical Director Lynn Frank is responsible for staff training and troubleshooting. Frank is a Board Certified Entomologist, examined and certified by the Entomological Society of America. “As a company, our goals have always been to solve our customers’ pest problems using less pesticide. If we do need to make a treatment, we train our technicians to treat smart – using low toxicity pesticides in a way that reduces the chance that adults, kids, and pets will be exposed.”

“Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, is the smart way to manage pests,” according to Dr. Thomas Green, director of the IPM Institute, who evaluated the Suburban Green Program. “Pests need food, water, and shelter. Green Shield Certified providers focus on denying pests access to those – creating an effective, long-term solutions with pesticide use as a last resort.”

Green pest control starts at the source of the pest problem. Environmental inspections are the most important part of this pest control solution. Inspections allow our experts to determine why the pest is there, how to prevent the pest from returning, and what control options are available. If needed, environmentally friendly products are used. For example, not only does Suburban provide local pest control services, but we also provide other unique services such as installing seals on the bottom of doors, including garage doors. These “sweeps” not only deny pests access, they keep dirt outside and heat and air conditioning inside, saving energy and money. Other services include building and roof repairs, installing chimney caps, and gutter repair and installation. Suburban has full-time carpenters on staff to repair pest damage and “pest proof” buildings.

Suburban’s Green Program and the independent, third-party certification, is just one way Suburban Exterminating strives to stay ahead of the curve. Frank, Suburban’s Technical Director, believes in green! He says “It works and it’s the right thing to do. There’s great demand, we’re seeing it grow all the time.”

Green Shield Certified is operated by the IPM Institute of North America, Inc., an independent, non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. Modeled after the Institute’s award-winning IPM STAR program for schools, Green Shield Certification is available to all pest control companies.

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