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Most Common Pests Found in Homes

Pests will always find a way to make their way into our homes, regardless of how hard we try to avoi...

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Avoid Unwanted Pests By Spring Cleaning

The calendar says it’s springtime, but the weather on the East Coast says otherwise. Despite the see...

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Inspecting Second Hand Furniture For Bed Bugs

Buying used furniture from an antique shop, thrift store, and garage sales is common for people who...

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Keep Kitchens Pest Free

It shouldn’t be a surprise to any homeowner that insects and pests love our homes just as much as we...

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What Attracts Ants?

Have you ever witnessed an army of ants parading around your kitchen countertops and floors? If so,...

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Avoid Fall Pests Entering Your Home

During the summer, you fought mosquito bites and did your absolute best to avoid bees and wasps. You...

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Control Water to Control Pests

The average rainfall in May on Long Island is four inches, in June is it just slightly less at 3.66...

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Spring Sugar Ants and Bee Swarms

Spring is showing its face all over Suffolk and Nassau counties, and the Hamptons. Forsythia bushes...

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Green Pest Control for Termites

Spring is not far away, and when it arrives here on Long Island, we will start to get calls about an...

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What is Integrated Pest Management?

No matter how clean you keep your home, and how tidy your garden is, the fact is that we live on a p...

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