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Common Pests

Long Island Pests We Control

Suburban Green Exterminating provides safe pest control services for a number of different pests and insects. From termite and ant removal to rodent and wildlife removal, our team of experts can rid your New York home of any pest you encounter.

Below is a short list of some of the most common pests Suburban Green Exterminating provides pest control services for in the Long Island area:

pest control services long IslandANTS – Small ants, carpenter ants, little black ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants
 – Cicadia killers, digger bees, yellow jackets, honey bees (Removal) – Bee Keeper on Staff
BIRD CONTROL – Pigeons, mynas, sparrows
COCKROACH (ROACHES) – American, brown banded, German and Oriental cockroaches; also known as “waterbugs” (NYC)
FABRIC DESTROYING PEST – Carpet beetles, case making webbing moths, furniture carpet beetles, webbing clothes moths

FLIES – Drain flies, fruit flies, house flies and fungus chat

OCCASIONAL INVADERS – Centipedes, earwigs, field crickets, house crickets, milipedes, pill/sow bugs, silver fish, springtails
PANTRY PESTS – Grain moths, Indian meal moths, meal worms, saw-tooth grain beetles
PARASITES – Bird mites, blacklegged ticks/deer ticks, fleas
RODENTS -Deer/white-foot mice, house mice, Norway rats
 – Bats, raccoon, squirrels
WOOD DESTROYING PESTS – Anobiid powerpost beetles, carpenter bees, Lyctid powerpost beetles

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