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Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to remove, and almost entirely impossible to eliminate without the help of a professional pest control company and a strong bed bug treatment. These tiny pests are nearly unseen to the naked eye, making them extremely difficult to not only notice, but to remove.

Because bed bugs are so small in size, they make their home within the seams of clothes and sheets, and can stay there for years on end. What’s worse is that bed bugs also have dormant periods of time where you may not notice the infestation growing or see signs of them, but they can come back in an instant.

Bed Bug Treatment Long Island

Many times, people look up the pest to see how to take action, but the methods that they find aren’t always right. Too many sites tell you that you can eliminate these bugs on your own, by washing all of your belongings at the highest temperature in your washer, or by simply tossing your belongings. For starters, your washer is not nearly hot enough to eliminate this pest, and throwing away any belongings in the infested area is just a waste.

At Green Exterminating, we offer a bed bug treatment that promises elimination of the pest while keeping all of your belongings. The best part is that this method is entirely chemical free and is environmentally, family and pet friendly. The high temperatures kill any bed bugs that have made their homes in the seams of your clothes or sheets, so you can feel confident knowing that this method has gotten each and every one of those pesky bugs.

If you have a bed bug infestation and are in need of an exterminator, contact Green Exterminating here in Long Island. Not only are we efficient at our job, but provide pest control in a way that keeps you and your family safe from the harms of nasty chemicals that most other pest control companies use. Get a quick estimate on what our bed bug treatment would cost for your home.

We proudly serve the Suffolk County, Nassau County, Hamptons and other surrounding areas in Long Island.


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