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Integrated Pest Management


While it’s an unfortunate reality, pests have habitats that make it easy for them to flourish and grow. Unfortunately, there are times that our homes are built in these areas, and we end up dealing with the consequences that these pests can unleash. Whether you have an abundance of mosquitoes in the land surrounding your home, or you experience in influx of prairie dogs or raccoon during certain seasons, these situations are not ideal.

At Green Exterminating, we manage pests through methods that are friendly to the environment and the ecosystem as a whole. This way of management is call IPM, or integrated pest management. Through integrated pest management, we’re able to control large groups of pests.

integrated pest management long islandIPM focuses on long-term removal of pests and the damage that they do to our land or homes in the Long Island area. The way that we approach this form of pest control is by taking the ecosystem into our hands and creating an environment where these pests won’t want to call home. A few examples would be planting a healthy crop that can overcome pest attacks or raising disease-resistant plants among your land. Not only does this method provide an environment that is desirable to you, but it creates an environment where these pests are unable to thrive.

With this environment friendly method of pest control, we will determine which form of IPM will work best with the environment that you live in and your current setup in regards to the ecosystem. Depending on the severity of your pest control issue, our exterminator will use a combination of methods to ensure that you don’t have to worry about pests coming back around. If you’re interested in the long-term removal of pests, contact our office today and ask about our IPM methods.


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