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Termite Control

termitefeatruerThere is little debate around termites being the worst pest infestation that you could discover. While bees and mosquitoes can be pesky, there are few other pests that will do as much damage as termites will. At Suburban Green Exterminating, we do our best to take care of the infestation before they’re able to do any damage at all.

Termites are extremely difficult to see. By the time that you’d notice an infestation, they would likely be on the opposite side of the wood or inside of holes and cracks within the wood. If you think you might have a termite infestation, here are a few of the common signs that you would notice:

  • Droppings – These look just like wood-colored pellets that are small

  • Any damage to your wood, fence, trees, etc.

  • Mud tubes – used to create a foundation on your home or fence

  • termite control long islandWings – Termites shed their wings when they leave the nest

Stop termites in their tracks when you contact our exterminator in Long Island to eliminate your infestation. The team at Suburban Green Exterminating has years of experience, so you can confidently count on us to provide more than adequate termite control service. Each of our fumigation and pest control services is green, meaning that it is gentle and won’t affect you or your pets after completed.




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